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Mark Littman

Therapy and Counseling Center
for teens & adults in Newton, Sparta, Vernon 
and Sussex County New Jersey


973 . 632 . 6617

Counseling, Hypnosis, Parenting, Depression, Anxiety

Text: 973-632-6617

My Purpose & Process

My Purpose as a Counselor



To help individuals, couples and families resolve issues that are interfering with enjoying the process of life. Although the reasons why any individual enters counseling are as varied as there are individuals, there is one goal that is central to all - the end of counseling. My purpose is to help you become your own counselor in a timely, yet comprehensive, manner.



The Process of Counseling





These can also be treated within the context of family or couples counseling.


  • depression

  • anxiety disorders

  • phobias

  • obsessions

  • thought disorders

  • mid-life issues

  • sexual issues



Couples and Families


Couple or family counseling begin with learning improved communication among the individuals involved. Miscommunication is often a major cause of troubled relationships.



Here is my recipe for a happy family: Start with generous amounts of respect and trust. Combine with humor to taste. Usually the more humor the better the taste. Occasionally spice with honest disagreements. Blend well with unconditional love. Serves an entire family for a lifetime. (C)





It begins with respect...respect for oneself as well as for others.





Once respect has been established, trust can be built or rebuilt.





Humor, in all its various forms, is often overlooked when couples and families try to deal with serious issues that are affecting their relationship.


Honest Disagreements


There will always be arguments and honest disagreements in a relationship. Knowing that others understand our thoughts and feelings, even if they disagree with them, opens the door to resolving problems.



Unconditional Love


Understanding the true meaning of unconditional love is the foundation of all relationships.




Enjoy the Process




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