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Midlife Crisis

A midlife crisis could be caused by aging itself, or aging in combination with changes, problems, or regrets over:


  • work or career

  • spousal relationships

  • maturation of children

  • aging or death of parents

  • physical changes associated with aging


Someone in a midlife crisis may exhibit some of these emotions or behaviors:


1.  Worries about the future, resulting in a sense of remorse or failure for goals not accomplished and a search for the fulfillment of undefined dreams.


2.  A negative evaluation of work life resulting in suddenly leaving a secure job to search for those undefined dreams.


3.  A profound sense of loss of purpose when children leave the home that does not lessen after a reasonable period of time.


4.  Symptoms of depression such as an inability to enjoy pastimes that were previously pleasurable.


5.  Fear of aging resulting in unrealistic attempts to change their physical appearance and acquisition of unusual or expensive items such as clothing, sports cars, jewelry or high tech toys.


6.  A negative evaluation of the marital relationship resulting in marital infidelity or a strong desire to end the marriage even if there are no obvious reasons to do so.


7.  Stress arising from taking care of the elderly.


8.  Abuse of drugs or alcohol.


Contrary to popular belief, not everyone experiences a midlife crisis. The above behaviors can also be caused by a variety of issues not related to midlife. My focus is to help my clients understand the reasons for these symptoms and develop the skills necessary to, once again, "enjoy the process" of life.

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