Being a Parent Requires Work



Becoming a mother or father is usually easy and fun. Being a parent requires

more work.



Here are some relatively simple guidelines for parents of adolescents, which, if followed, can help you and your children actually enjoy those teenage years. 



Don't burden your son or daughter with fulfilling your unmet needs or desires.



Don't expect them to be what you want them to be or were not able to be.



Have normal adult relationships. Don't expect your teen to be your companion.



Have enough confidence in yourself and in your relationship with your children

that you can tolerate being left out as they seek friends their own age.



Understand that you cannot control certain of your child's behaviors or actions.

For example, forbidding your teen from seeing a certain friend of whom you

disapprove may simply not be realistic.



Listen to what your children are saying when they ask you for advice. Don't

patronize them or lecture them.



Give your children the same respect you want them to give you.



Try to avoid using the following phrase: "I am your parent and what I say goes."

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