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Mark Littman

Therapy and Counseling Center
for teens & adults in Newton, Sparta, Vernon 
and Sussex County New Jersey


973 . 632 . 6617

Counseling, Hypnosis, Parenting, Depression, Anxiety

Text: 973-632-6617

Counseling Wellness Clinical Hypnosis Center Newton NJ



Major Life Issues


You may be feeling so depressed or anxious that you don't even want to get out of bed. You may have fears or phobias that are preventing you from enjoying your life. Or you may be having serious relationship conflicts with your significant other.


If so, that's a hard way to get through the day.  When emotions get the better of you, and when arguments are the main mode of communication, motivation and feeling good about yourself can go out the window.


It doesn't have to be that way.  Counseling can help you change your mood, and restore that joy for life. For more information please click on my Specialties tab.

Help Your Teen!


It is frustrating and worrisome to watch your teen, who has always been so good, getting more and more out of control. Or you suspect or know that he or she is being bullied. As a parent, you want to step in and help them...make their lives (and yours) more manageable, but so far what you suggest or try hasn't worked.



I'd like to help. Counseling parents and teens is one of my specialties. You can get a taste of my approach from some of my parenting articles here.




We all know that laughter is one of life's best natural healers so, along with the more tradional forms of therapy, I use humor when appropriate to make a point, and lighten the heavier issues.






Looking to end habits like smoking or over-eating?

Want to reduce anxiety, eliminate phobias or obsessions?

Need to improve sports performance?


For over 25 years I have used hypnosis with 1000s of clients for problems such as smoking and overeating, anxiety and phobia, sports performance, sexual dysfunction and much more. For more details about how hypnosis can help you, click here.


    Confined to your home? No problem. I can schedule a home visit.









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